A 2- Minute Guide On How To Measure Your Blog Success ?

You have started your blog with a bang and made big plans for it. You did all your best efforts to make it a huge success but lately you find that your blog isn’t matching your expectations. Many bloggers complain about the sinking popularity of their blogs and finally dump the idea to continue it further.

Following are the parameters that will give you an idea whether your blog is working fine or not.

Are Your Inbound Links Increasing? 

Inbound links are the real indicators of your blog growth. This is the direct measurement of the worthiness of the content you are producing for your audience. According to Moz, inbound links are the direct instrument that defines your blog’s attention and organic traffic. The organic inbound links that you earn are significant for search engine ranking and popularity. When the number of inbound links is increased, your web authority is also improved.


Are You Getting More Visitors?

Your visitors play a significant part in your blog popularity and growth. More the number of visitors your blog receives, more the authority your blog earns in the online marketplace. Put in place a proper measurement mechanism to track the visitors on your blog. There are tools that help you to do so. Google analytics and Alexa are two primary tools that provide you full- fledged dashboards to analyze the visitor metrics.

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These tools offer a range of information about visitors including:

  • Number of total visitors
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of pages viewed
  • And much more.

Is Your Subscriber Base Growing?

Growing subscriber base indicates that your blog contains something worth subscribing. If people are subscribing your blog, it clearly means that your blog is offering updates and news they want to read. Don’t set unrealistic expectations with your subscriber strength as it is hardly possible to get thousand subscribers in a single day. It takes time to get more subscribers for your blog. All you can do is to give your readers something worth reading and they will for sure subscribe to your blog for regular updates.


Are Your Blog Doing Good On Social Media?

I am sure you have a social profile or a page to promote your blog on premier social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If you still haven’t one, get one now. The growth of your blog also depends upon a few social matrices. How many people are clicking ‘Like’ button for your blog? How many are sharing your blog posts from their profiles and how many ‘Tweets’ ‘Retweets’ and ‘Favorites’ your blog is gaining. If these indicators are surging, your blog is growing. To get more audience on social networks, keep posting engaging, informative and interesting content. If people will be getting content worth-reading, they will come to you frequently.

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Are Readers Commenting On Your Blogs?    

Though the number of comments on your blog posts is a great signal for your growing online stature yet it can’t acquire the whole credit for your blog growth. Readers may like your blog posts but it necessarily doesn’t mean that they will also comment on them. If they do so, it’s fine else be happy they are at least visiting you.

All these points may help you analyze your blog popularity but the major push comes only if you provide your readers awesome content that they love to read.

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Story: How To Measure Your Blog Success

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