How To Temporarily Disable Or Delete Your Instagram Account

Instagram, the Facebook owned image based social network may have millions of photo-frenzy fans worldwide. But, as news of Facebook data being compromised emerged, people became anxious of their privacy. If you’re no more in love with Instagram, here is how you can disable the Instagram account temporarily or delete the account permanently.

It’s worth noting that Instagram doesn’t offer user account deactivation feature like Facebook that can be revived later. Once you delete the account, every piece of data will be gone forever.

How to temporarily disable Instagram account

This is probably the most preferred option if you want back your photos posted online. Disabling the account means it’s hidden until user reactivate logging back to his account. Follow the steps below to disable Instagram:

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Sign into the Instagram with valid account credentials. Now, go to ‘Settings’ by clicking the user name at the top right of the screen. Click ‘Edit Profile’ button appears next to the user name. You can now see a screen with a link labeled ‘Temporarily disable my account‘’. Click this and tell Instagram why you are disabling the account. Now, re-enter your password and click the big red ‘Temporarily Disable Account‘ button.

 How to delete your Instagram account:

Instagram doesn’t allow deletion of accounts from setting. Fairly you can’t find delete option there. If you’re really keen to delete your Instagram account and profile, follow this link.

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Sign into your Instagram account. A page will open with option to permanently delete your account. Here as well you’ll be asked why you want to get rid of your account so choose an option from the list. Enter your password in the box and click the ‘Permanently delete my account’ button.

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Temporarily Disable Or Delete Your Instagram Account

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