Instagram Stories User Base Surpasses 200 Million Users

Instagram had faced stark criticism for featuring Instagram stories, a feature that was reportedly cloned from Snapchat’s original feature. However, the latest stats prove that Instagram has finally got the edge. There are stats that confirm steep rise in Instagram Stories user base.

Instagram Topples Snapchat With 200 Million Instagram Stories Users

Instagram Stories user base has now crossed the 200 million mark, up from 150 million users reported in January. What seems really amusing is that Snapchat who owns the feature originally, has only 158 million users. That means, Instagram is doing better with this idea.

Instagram Stories User Base Surpasses 200 Million Users


Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, copied this feature to its other platforms as well. The attempt didn’t go well as WhatsApp and Facebook are still struggling to see this feature getting traction. But on Instagram, the feature has been a big hit.

To celebrate the success of Instagram Stories user base spike, Instagram is adding a new set of tools to the platform.  These tools will help users enhance their creativity while using the feature. Users now have a new feature named pinned stickers. As name suggest, it allows users to pin stickers to their videos. As the subject moves, the pinned sticker also moves in the video. Another new feature that Instagram has launched will help Instagram users to turn their selfie into a sticker.

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Going even further, Instagram is bringing geostickers for the users. Currently, the feature is limited to the Instagram users living in Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo. The features will be rolled out for other locations in the coming days.

To celebrate the Instagram stories user base surge in style, the platform is planning to bring some more features as well. Other significant features that are expected to come soon to Instagram are a shortcut to favorite stickers and countdown timer in hands-free video mode.

All the new features are currently available with Instagram version 10.16 for iOS in the Apple App Store and version 10.16.1 for Android in Google Play.

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