iPhone SE To Be Launched Today: Know The Key Facts


The iPhone SE which was launched by Apple a few days back is going to be officially released in the market today itself, that is on March 31. The iPhone SE is just a 4 inch screen phone, unlike the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. It is more affordable as compared to the other two models in the market.

iPhone SE

The headphone jack along with the speaker and the lightening connector port are mounted at the bottom of the phone. The rear camera of the iPhone SE is also mounted inside the body unlike the other two whose cameras are peeping out.  The phone comes with 4 different colors and you can choose the best you like. The colors are silver, gold, rose gold and space grey.

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The iPhone SE works on the IOS 9.3, which is the latest one launched by Apple. In fact, it was launched along with the phone itself. The operating system has not made any major changes but they have improved the music, notes, news and Apple health. Also, they have introduced a new feature that is the Night Shift.


The feature is new for the IOS and the Night shift will automatically adjust the temperature of the screen in evening, this turns the display warmer which can help people to sleep easily if you keep looking at your phone in your bed until you sleep.

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