Javascript Links Prevent Bots To Recognize Big Images

javascript1In the Google webmaster help forum a user posted a complaint and asked resolution. He finds it annoying that the images from his site are not being indexed properly. He narrated further that on frequent occasion he blocked Google from indexing those images using robots.txt file.

 In response to the issue Google’s John Mueller said how Javascript links prevent image indexing:

“Sometimes using JavaScript for the “View Larger Image” link can make it hard for Google to index those images. Google does a pretty good job with JavaScript, but why not make it easier. It seems that we’re not picking up that these URLs are actually not pages but rather images — and images without a landing page on top of that. One way to let us know about the actual connection is to use a direct link to the image (using target=_blank is fine, if you want to open them up in a new window/tab.”

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Therefore, in order to get your website images indexed properly, allow Google to crawl them.

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