LG Hints AI Powered Camera for LG V30 New Model

At MWC 2018 this month, LG could unveil some of its AI based devices, specially the new version of LG V30. LG terms it “the first of a suite of AI technologies”. A report published in ET suggested that LG could launch a new phone V30 with amazing AI-powered camera features.

LG Hints AI Powered LG V30 Camera

The company confirmed the news by saying that the AI tech is going to feature on “the 2018 version of the LG V30,” and is indeed initially focused on image recognition. As per LG, AI will give camera eminent power to perform automatic image analysis for shooting mode recommendations.

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The feature could execute functions similar to object recognition and shopping suggestions (like Google did with Lens on the Pixel phones) and similar functions available in Huawei Mate 10. Phone’s AI will also enable the device to leverage AI to offer better low-light performance.

To recall, LG hinted an upcoming AI initiative ThinQ at CES last month. And now the company has begun tapping into it with AI to be part of its next product line up. It’s being speculated around what the LG said, the company has already begun with 2018 lineup of LG TVs supports Google Assistant and Alexa.

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The tech giant is building a touchscreen fridge with webOS and Alexa, and it’s developing speakers that work with both major voice assistant platforms. LG affirms that the AI features will make their way to existing LG phones,

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