Facebook Messenger Getting 500 Million Users Each Month : Report


Just after a few month of formal separation with Facebook main app, its standalone messenger is now in news for a good reason. Facebook, the social networking giant has uncovered that no less than 500 million people are using the standalone Facebook messenger mobile app each month. The move to separate Facebook app from messenger got severe criticism from users, but, Facebook had the firm reasons to do so.

When the move took place, Zukerberg supported the initiative by saying that standalone entities will help each app to perform better. The Facebook messenger had always been the popular messaging app among the users with 10 billion messages a day. But the app required navigation through the main app. To overpower the fellow messaging apps WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram which appear on the user’s home screen, it became necessary for the makers to give messenger a distinct identity.

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Facebook messenger has already received 500 million downloads but now these many people are actively using it. Now, a huge count of people is relying too much on Facebook to create a better communication channel with their friends.

Story: Messenger Getting 500 Million Users

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