Microsoft Mobile Keyboard SwiftKey Brings Customization Feature

If you are an avid user of Microsoft’s popular mobile keyboard SwiftKey, you can now personalize your SwiftKey with your selfie pictures.

Microsoft Mobile Keyboard SwiftKey Customization Feature


Starting Saturday, SwiftKey users on iOS and Android could be able to choose their own images to use as background of the keyboard. Microsoft ventures with photographer Keith Ladzinski, who has provided 12 of his own images, to be used within SwiftKey.

Users already have options to customize their keyboard with themes that include plain colors and snazzier incarnations. However, the latest personalization feature would allow users to use their personalized pictures as keyboard background.

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SwiftKey cofounder and CEO Jon Reynolds said about the feature:

“SwiftKey Keyboard has always been about giving users ways to make the technology even more uniquely theirs — whether that’s in the language they use, how they type, or what their personal keyboard looks like. Today’s launch of photo themes marks another way that users can make SwiftKey Keyboard even more their own.”

The keyboard was founded in the U.K in 2008.  Since then, the app grew in popularity and became the default keyboard app for phones and tablets. Amazingly, the Swiftkey predicts your writing style over time and even guess the next word before you’ve started typing it.

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Microsoft Mobile Keyboard SwiftKey Customization

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