New And Updated Facebook Privacy Policy Proposed For The Users

Facebook released its proposed privacy policy today to let its millions of users understand how the social networking giant uses their personal data. A tutorial has also been created to answer FAQs about the privacy policies. For end users it has been a hard nut to crack what the information that website collects.

The proposed changes will cover its terms, data policy, and cookies policy on Thursday. The policy is shorter very easy to understand for the users. The policy has 2700 words; too short than 9000 it had in the previous version. The announcement has come with a privacy basics guide that will define who will see the information posted.

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To update the policy, Facebook took help from Genie Barton. He is the person who enforces behavioral-advertising guidelines for the Council of Better Business Bureaus, to update the policy. He suggested Zukerberg the idea to enforce a simple and easily understandable policy.

The privacy basic guide released along with the policy will answer the most commonly asked questions about data privacy and security. It will answer questions about untagging, unfriending, and blocking, and the way a user can choose the audience for your posts. . Some of the major points that policy covers include:


• Location information through the mobile app using GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi network
• Credit-card details, location data, and contact information when users purchase something through the website.

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Facebook’s new policy though explains the information that company collects but it hasn’t revised amount of information it collects on users.

Story: New And Updated Facebook Privacy Policy

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