Now Book Flights and Hotels Right From Google Search Results

Google is all set to make flight and hotel booking on mobile easier than ever. The search engine giant announced today that users can now book hotels and flights right from the Google’s search results.

Credit- The Verge

When you search Google to find a right hotel for your next stat, it pops up a list with all the suitable hotel deals for you. Scroll through the search results and swipe to see details like photos. All this can be done without even leaving the search results.  You can even filter for date and price right on the result page. Once done they can book tickets and accommodation through Google.

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In case of flights as well, users can compare ticket price right from the search results page. Google has introduced an all new tab layout to let users toggle more easily between flights and hotels. A filter by destination option will also be given to you so that they can go for the best hotel and flight options.

A “More Destinations” tab gives you an opportunity to explore suggestions on nearby trips for that original destination along with Google-approved companies that might offer you better deals on that trip.

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