Google Introduces YouTube TV App for Android TV Devices

YouTube TV is pretty a new term for those outside the U.S. It is Google’s new streaming service that the technology giant unveiled back in April.

Google’s YouTube TV App for Android TV

Since its launch, Google has been working hard to bring the YouTube TV service to bigger audience in more than a dozen cities in the United States.

YouTube TV App

To expand app’s reach even further, Google announced a new YouTube TV app for Android TV owners. This is in addition to the app’s availability on existing platforms such as smartphone, tablet, and computers.

With the service in place, YouTube users can stream live TV through new YouTube TV app on Android TV devices.  Furthermore, if you don’t have Android home with you, you can use the app to live stream TV shows on Smart TVs like LG, Sony and Samsung.

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Using the YouTube TV app, YouTube subscribers can control the live TV streaming with the TV’s remote control and other game controllers. The company has made the background of the app dark in order to give the device a more cinematic look.

Stay tuned for more on this.

YouTube TV App for Android TV

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