Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018

2017 is heading to a steamy departure. For whom, who have been associated with social media town, the year was indeed very eventful. New marketing trends, amazing social engagement ideas and buzzing social media tools have kept the domain busy throughout the year.

4 Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018

As we are knocking at New Year, aspirations remain high. We will be going busy to read an array of opinions on what to expect, what trends to watch, and which platforms to be active on.  In our social media marketing predictions for 2018 series, we likely begin with Pinterest, the Pin based social network to get into a quick insight of Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018.

The post is about Pinterest marketing trends, means what does the Pin network have in store for us this coming year.

Here are our predictions:

1. Pinterest Will Turn Out to Be An Ecommerce Marketplace:

Pinterest that once arrived as a pin based social network is now moving away to becoming an eCommerce platform. The social network gradually evolved and lately adopted in-stream buying options for users. Throughout the process, Pinterest has added a range of updates including improved buying processes and advanced ad types in 2017.

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There are fair chances that in 2018, Pinterest will pump more power to their in-stream buying options. It will make it as easy as possible for users to find products and make purchases without leaving the app.

2. We will see an Improved and Updated Taste Graph:

In 2017, Pinterest introduced Taste Graph. It was an expanded collection of categories and options curated around Pinterest user behaviors. It enabled Pinterest to ensure improved ad targeting based on consumer trends. Throughout the year, Pinterest focused at Taste Graph, and 2018 will not going to be any different.

Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018

Pinterest will continue to evolve Taste Graph to understand user trends better. In days to come, we can see a more functional and precise targeting option which will help advertisers to reach the right consumers at the right time with the right buying offers.

The tool has similarities with Facebook’s advanced ad options. And a product that’s more focused at shopping and products is indeed a much more valuable targeting tool.

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3. Evolution of Lens:

2018 will probably see Pinterest’s increased emphasis on its mage-recognition fuelled Lens tool, which allows users to search Pins by simply taking a picture of any object. The pin based social network now might go to the next level with offering users an ability to search for items, but to also use lens tools to overlay specific products onto your real world objects.

4. Immersive Pinterest Profiles:

Now, Pinterest might look at offering more options for user profiles to allow further customization and presentation options. The social network may now bring in a showcase option for businesses in order to enable them display their products in a more organized and visual setting.

In addition, Pinterest might be thinking to magnify the way basic Pinterest profiles look like. So, in our Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018, we can see Pinterest offering a lot more immersive business experiences with enhanced boosting presentation options in business profiles.

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