Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Does It Have An Edge?

The Mobile World Congress 2016 held at Barcelona has already concluded, however, the world is still recovering from the frenzy that has been caused by South Korean handset maker, Samsung. It is a known fact that MWC happens to be an event of choice for the brand to launch its flagship devices and this year was no different. Last year, the brand struck gold with its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owing to their premium metal and glass built. However, it also received a lot of flak owing to bulbous protruding camera that was prone to scratching and the missing expandable storage.


Therefore, while the handset was on an altogether different level for Samsung, it did not quite hit it off with Android lovers. This year, Samsung seem to have learnt from its mistake and has done away with the two top grievances that users had with yesteryear’s flagship. The primary camera now sits flush with the rear panel and the handset features a hybrid SIM card slot. This means that brand has improved upon the brilliant package that Galaxy S6 Edge already was and emerged with a winner. Here are a few things that gives Galaxy S7 Edge, a cutting edge over other smartphones in the market.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820: Lightening Fast & Powerful

 One of the major advantages that Galaxy S7 Edge has over all other smartphones, barring a few including newly launched flagships, is the presence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. While this SoC is limited only to Quad-core, it brings a whole lot of futuristic features on-board. The new processor not only is doubly snappier than Snapdragon 810 but also consumes a lot less power as compared to the last generation chipset.

Besides this, Qualcomm is said to have improved support for imaging, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and also VR technology with better visual/audio quality. All in all, Snapdragon 820 is much more future proof than its successor and it gives Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a definitive edge over other smartphones. However, we would not want users in India get their hopes high since Samsung tends to launch Indian version with its own Exynos chipset, in which case India Galaxy S7 Edge would come with an Octa-core Exynos chipset, which is not as powerful as Snapdragon 820.

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 Always On Display: A Helpful Notifier

 This feature is nothing new in the smartphone world since Motorola has already attempted the same with Active Display from Moto X 1st generation. However, there is a difference here since Motorola’s Active display only turned on when the handset was moved and was based on motion sensor. However, Samsung’s Always On Display stays on the whole time disregarding whether the handset is lying idle or being moved.

This raises a concern regarding battery life, however, Samsung assures that the feature only consumes half a percent of battery every hour which is reassuring. Moreover, Always on display shuts itself down when the handset is in pocket and at night. The always on display can be used to display crucial information like weather, clock, calendar, notifications and agenda. Samsung is also offering the ability to customize and theme the Always on display for personalizing the handset.

 Enhanced Edge Display: Curvy yet Customizable

Since the Galaxy S6 Edge has come out, we already know what all can be done with the curved display, which is not just an aesthetic gimmick. In Galaxy S6, users could access favorite contacts, apps, information, notifications et al with just a swipe toward center from the edge. In Galaxy S7 Edge, brand has improved the functionality of curved display with access for up to 10 apps and contacts. Also, a new feature has been added called task edge, which allow users to assign tasks like clicking selfies and playing music. This is a good feature to make full use of curved display on Galaxy S7 Edge.

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 Game Launcher: A new playful addition

 This is a new feature that has been added by Samsung in Touchwiz that comes on Galaxy S7 Edge. Game launcher is an unified hub for all games installed by the user on the smartphone. However, it is not just a neat trick to organise all your games at one place but also enhances the whole gaming experience. The Game Launcher allows users to set whether or not they want to receive notifications while playing as well as an option to select lower frame rate to preserve battery owing to Vulcan API. This is a revolutionary feature for serious gamers who play games heavily on their smartphones and complain of reduced battery life.

 IP68 Rating: Stay Water Resistant, Always

One of the main highlights of Galaxy S5 was IP67 rating, which means it was both water and dust resistant. However, for some reason when the brand opted for metal and glass chassis on last year’s Galaxy S6 Edge, IP rating was omitted. This was as badly missed by users as expandable storage and removable battery. However, now Galaxy S7 Edge comes with an advanced IP68 rating, which means it can withstand 30 minutes submersion in water up to 1.25 meters and is dust-resistant as well.

galaxy s7 edge

 Expandable Memory: Back in the game

 The major grief that Samsung caused to its loyalist was omitting the expandable memory card slot owing to the all new metal body. This was the main complain for those who were eagerly waiting to upgrade their S5 to S6 Edge but could not because of the lack of expandable memory and removable battery. This year the brand has equipped its flagship smartphone with a hybrid SIM try, which means they can either use dual Nano SIM card or a microSD card along with nano SIM card. This way Samsung has managed to come up with a handset that is everything that one can ask for.

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Considering the host of advanced features that Samsung has blessed the smartphone with, we can say with certainty that it definitely has an edge over other smartphones. A must have for anyone who is considering and upgrade from Galaxy S5 of other last year flagships.

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