Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Every one of us has heard about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge  the most successful Smartphone of this generation. Famous for its beautiful designs and brilliant performance this Smartphone has left everyone wow. Not only this Smartphone is expensive but also provide all those advanced features which you are looking for. From advanced Operating System, screen, display, camera, and software, you can enjoy improved and the best version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which tops the Smartphone charts from the day it is released.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge First Hand Review


A beautiful screen and display

Excellent camera

Outstanding touch


A bit plastic feel

Expensive Smartphone

Key Features:

Screen: 5.5-inch

Display: quad-HD display

Storage: 4GB RAM

Camera: 12MP

Charging: Fast and wireless

Battery: 3,600mAh

The introduction of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge hits the headline as soon as it got launched, after a great success of Galaxy Note 7 this Smartphone gets the attention of all.  It is not famous for just its looks but it is an overall performer which has a beautiful design, screen and good camera which makes it an all rounder. The design might be feeling a little sloppy when handed for a long hour; it is an expensive too but if you are getting this phone in this money there is a great value for your money too.

The design of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

If you are looking for a beautiful Smartphone, this one is just the right choice for you. You will love the beautiful metal and glass design which has a smooth curved display. One plus feature about this phone is its water resistance which is not seen in many other Smartphone of these categories. It is available in the black and gold color which allows you to choose the one which is right for you.

It is also available with the flush camera sensor, a Samsung logo and additional heart rate monitor with separate buttons on each side of the Smartphone, lock on one side and the volume keys on the other.

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The screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

For those who loves the big screen, this Smartphone is just for you. It has a big screen of the 5.5-inch screen with the quad-HD panel. This phone shows good quality of pixels with 2560 x 1440. Other than the beautiful screen this Smartphone has dual curved edges which look and feels beautiful too. If you are Gear VR fan then this S7 Edge will offer you a better display with it.

Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

The battery of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 3600 mAh which is way better than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which was 2600 mAh. The performance and lasting are also better than the all previous models. It lasts for an entire day but works even better when it on the battery saving mode. This battery will not only support you heavy applications but also allow to multi-task at the same time.

Now there are two types of battery saving options number one if the “power saving mode” which allow you to extend battery life up to one hour and the second is the “Ultra power saving mode which allows you to save battery up to a day long but turns your Smartphone into Nokia 3310 by restricting all the super-Smartphone options.

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The fast and wireless charging is one of the best technologies the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has used and allows you to charge your phone quickly. A quick 10-miutes charging will not only give it a four hours use but it can be completely charged in 90 minutes duration.

The operating system, Software of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best android Smartphone in the market which not only supports many exciting applications and software but also it provides complete games, office and health applications to keep you going. The TouchWiz is the latest Game Launcher which allows you to play better games and quickly record on-screen activity as well as take screenshots. Other than this, it helps you to save battery while you are on gaming mode.

There are few applications which came preinstalled so that you can get started and don’t have to waste your time in installing such as Chrome, Skype and Microsoft’s Suite. If you want to disable it, you can do this.

The performance of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

The 4GB RAM allows you to have a quick speed and better processing enables to multitask your applications and work. 32GB internal storage is another feature to give a good storage to your system and you can extend it with a microSD card. The eight-cores of CPU top the chart with improved performance and quick results.

If you are a Gear VR lover, then you must try it with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as the beautiful sharp display provide better results in Gear VR. You can watch videos, play games and watch movies too. This Smartphone will let you enjoy anything you want.

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The camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

The camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the top cameras in Smartphone in the year 2017. You will get 12MP dual pixel sensor with LED flash and 5 MP Selfie sensor. It also provides the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and Dual Pixels technology. This helps in taking better, natural and fast pictures with auto-focus and more accurate pictures than ever before.

This camera can take good pictures in low-light as well which makes it a stand out from other cameras. Not only the pictures but it makes long videos up to 4k in UHD with higher resolution. You can also make videos for 1080p in HDR with adding effects in videos, auto-focus and making footage while walking and running in good results. The front-facing camera is also very good with 5-megapixlels sensor with wide angle lenses to take selfies along with a good view of friends, family or background.

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