How SEO Process Changes from 2010 to 2016

There is a great difference between the SEO of 2010 and SEO of 2016. In 2010, the SEO was done by making a lot of back links, and by posting the written content on a number of websites. But, a lot of algorithms have been launched by Google in these years. Now, there should be the quality back links, and the same content is recommended to be published on maximum two websites otherwise there may be the issues of duplicate content.


Now, there are Various techniques are used by the digital marketing agency singapore for taking your website at the good ranking with quality links, such as link building, video submission, Infographics submission, PPT submission and more.

Importance of Website Design & Development in Ranking over Search Engines

There is no doubt that written content plays a major role in increasing the ranking of a website, but there are some other aspects also. How website has been developed or designed, it is also an aspect, which plays a major role in top results on the search engines. The search engine algorithms give marks to your website also on the basis of website design & development. Therefore, the website should also be brilliantly developed and designed in order to get the good ranking over the search engines.

Significance of Quality Back Links in SEO Process

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The back links have a huge importance in the SEO process. Quality back links are the ideal sources to increase the popularity and the ranking of your websites. This is why, link building has become a major process in SEO. But, it should be kept in mind that there should be no irrelevant or excessive back links, otherwise Google can penalize your website.

Significance of Algorithms of Search Engines

Algorithms play a major role in the search engines. The algorithms give marks to websites on different basis, such as website design, type of content, quality of written content and popularity of the websites. Web designers & developers, SEO & SMO experts, Content Writers & Editors – all of them keep a special aspect in mind while working on a website. This special aspect is the algorithm of search engines. The algorithms give marks to the website on the bases of singapore web design services, type of posted content, quality of the written content and the popularity that the website has gained. On the basis of these marks, it is decided whether the website will come in the top results or it will go downwards.

Significance of Website Blogs and User Blogs

Blogs are one of the best means today to promote the websites. Blogging is a very popular tool today to express the thoughts, and there are two types of blogs famous these days. The first ones are the website blogs, which are written by the company officials or the webmasters to inform the visitors about the updates on industry, company, products or services. The other ones are the user blogs, which are written by distinct laypersons on various themes. In context of business, the user blogs are written by the users of your products or services, who tell their experiences to others about the same.

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