Now Sign Up For Messenger Without Facebook Login Details

In June 2015, Facebook introduced a feature for its users in the selected countries like US, Canada and Peru that allowed them accessing and signing up for the messenger without a Facebook account. Now, that feature has been rolled out for global users. David Marcus, a team member from messenger development team shared this information on his Facebook page with an image showcasing expanded logins.

Now, the users without a Facebook account can log-in to the messenger using their full name and phone number. In addition, Facebook keeps suggesting users to sign up with social account, as this enables to continue conversation across various devices.

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After its separation from the Facebook’s native platform, messenger is now more than just a subset, it’s now a full-fledged independent entity.  Facebook has been treating messenger quite seriously as we have seen several features added to it. In March, the company announced the ability to send payments right in your chats, as well as a plan to integrate apps into your messaging.

-Sign Up For Messenger Without Facebook

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