SwiftKey Keyboard App Brings a Slew of New Exciting Features

Your favorite SwiftKey keyboard is getting even better. After a range of features it was updated with recently that we told you, the app is now receiving more features in its latest update.

SwiftKey Keyboard App Updated with New Features

These latest updates would indeed make your association with the keyword an awesome one.  The first addition that the SwiftKey Keyboard App gets is related to the Microsoft’s Outlook email app. The SwiftKey for Android keyboard app will now offer users personalized predictions based on Outlook email content.

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In addition, the app will now start supporting eight more languages in its language list. They are  Acehnese, Kurpian, Kiribati, Nauruan, Jamaican Creole, Persian (Latin), Mingrelian & Mizo.

And finally, the update will also weed out bugs since it’s all set to introduce quick bug fixes. If haven’t yet received these updates, might be you’re using the older version of the app. Visit Google Play Store and update your SwiftKey with new version.

SwiftKey Keyboard App Updated

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