New York Times Slashes Free Article Limit from 10 to 5

New York Time cuts the maximum number of articles that a reader is allowed to read without subscribing the magazine. Starting today, the users would only be able to read only 5 articles without paying subscription fee. Earlier, the limit was 10 articles per month.

The New York Times Cuts Free Article Limits

While announcing the development, The NYT said that it’s as good conditions as any to demonstrate to people that high-quality journalism is something to be paid for.

To bring more paid subscribers to its dashboard and boost revenue forecasts, The New York Times Co. recently offered several subscription promotions to the readers that included bundled memberships with Scribd, Spotify, and even a free Google Home device for new digital subscribers.

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Currently, the basic plan that the NYT offers is $10 a month for the first year to new users that grants unlimited access to digital articles and NYT apps.

The New York Times Cuts Free Article Limits

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