The Tech Evolution and How We All Fit In

It’s already been a decade since Apple launched its first iPhone. Today, a myriad of smartphones that boats computing power higher than computers we used to have 20 years ago can be easily purchased, even through vending machines! True enough, the past 10 years of human civilization has let us witness the most exciting and innovative technologies, and we certainly can’t wait what will take place in the next decade to come.

To look back not only to the recent developments over the past decade but also on the technology that ruled the more than 100 years ago.

Consider the evolution of connectivity. In 1835, Samuel Morse invented, which is considered as the greatest technological development at that time. Then in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention of the telephone, which enabled humans to communicate directly with each other over great distances, thus eliminating the geographical barrier in human interaction.

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This invention was shortly followed by the facsimile, which along with the telephone, has become a fixture in most offices from 20th century even until these days. And in 1979, mobile phone technology has emerged, and progressively evolved into a super-computer that fits into the pocket which we enjoy these days.

Then there is the Internet and the subsequent explosion of dot-coms in the 1990’s. Along with the proliferation of personal computers, these technological advancements have made it possible for people send a wide array of documents, share music, images, and videos, and conduct face-to-face interaction with their loved ones real-time.

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There’s a lot more to understand about the technology and how each generation interfaces with these developments. If you want to learn more about tech evolution and how we all fit in, then check the infographic below from BrainBoxol.

Genelia Timothi

Genelia Timothi

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Genelia Timothi