Tips for Effective Travel Risk Management Implementation (Infographic)

Corporate travel while rewarding, is no easy accomplishment. To achieve a safe, comfortable, and productive trip, it’s very important to ensure that all service providers comply with laws and regulations concerning Duty of Care.

Effective Travel Risk Management Implementation

Effective Travel Risk Management Implementation

Likewise, travel buyers and managers must be proactive in preparing and maintaining their corporate travel program regularly. Doing so ensures maximization of investment, and more importantly, the safety and security of traveling employees.

Mitigating travel risk can be a challenging task, but there are steps that companies can do to ensure an effective implementation their travel risk management program. To know these, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Hyryde which give us few reminders to ensure an effective travel risk management implementation.


It is extremely important that every that each key department understand their role and responsibility. All travel risk inherent related to the company such as travelling VIP leaders should also be identified and addressed.

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This step includes the application of 4T’s of hazard response: Treat, Transfer, Terminate, and Tolerate. All the strategies and actions that will be taken should be communicated thoroughly to all traveling employees.


Travel risk management program should be an ongoing process if traveling is part of the core strategy of the business. Several factors such as the multi-disciplinary travel risk management committee, evaluation of practices against the industry standards, and feedback from upper management should be established and conducted regularly to ensure that the program is always up to date.

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To know more about this topic, check out the infographic below.

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