Twitter Increased GIFs Size Limit From 15 MB, Photo Size Remains Unchanged At 5 MB

Twitter is set to make your communication even more interesting. To add more fun to your chat, Twitter has increase dthe GIF file limit that a user can send over the chat. As the change is now effective, you can send GIFs up to 15MB in size from your desktop.

Twitter Increased GIFs Size Limit

The feature is currently limited to the Twitter for web users only, and has not been added to TweetDeck yet. The increased size 15MB file limit now also lets user create and share their own high quality GIFs to upload to Twitter, but only on the web.

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Notably, Twitter had added GIFs to its list of features back in 2014 but the GIF size was limited to 5MB. Twitter Increased GIFs Size Limit.

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