Twitter Launches Dashboard App To Target and Engage Small Business

To help small businesses engage and communicate with their users better, Twitter has announced Twitter Dashboard app. The app will help business owners on Twitter to streamline engagement for their business accounts.

Technology website Engadget reports that the app will be Available on web and iOS versions. The dashboard will come equipped with several striking features. When you go through the app in either version whether web or iOs, Twitter will guide you through a quick process to create a custom “About You” feed tailored to show tweets about your company or business.

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twitter dashboard app

The website further elaborates the features and says that the feed first observes what type of business you are running. Then it combines mentions and keyword searches to find people talking about your brand.

Twitter is doing hard to make Twitter more innovative. The microblogging legend recently added a feature that lets users add virtual stickers to photos by just searching them like hashtags. The company has also introduced collections of stickers linked to the time of year and events, say New Year and Christmas. The new feature is similar one to a Snapchat post where a user can resize, rotate and add multiple stickers to each post.

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