An Ultimate Marriage Proposal – An Amazing Short Story : Part 2

“Hello, am I talking to Rajni?” I called up on the number given in the bio-data.

“Who are you?” A female voice emerged from the other side.

I am Rahul. I have received Rajni’s marriage proposal.

Yeah, I am Rajni but you need to talk to my father first. Let me call him on the phone.

As soon she paused for a moment to call her father, I disconnected the line. I found her a girl who makes every decision of her life after consulting her father. Then a thought ran in mind, May her father happens to be an orthodox person. Let’s see. I felt happy. If we get married, she won’t take any decision without consulting me.

My cell phone started ringing again.

“Hello, I am Rahul”. I introduced me again to the person who called me up.

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Yes, tell. I am Rajni’s father.  A heavy voice appeared from the other side.

Uncle, I found your proposal worth visiting. But I feel Rajni would be the right person to talk. For that purpose you need to come to Bhopal.

Rajni couldn’t travel again, her father told me. He suggested me to communicate to her using e-mails.

Though, I accepted his suggestion earlier, later I rejected the idea to email her. I had a few valid reasons for that. If a girl couldn’t even travel alone, how witty she would be, God knows. After a series of conflicts between my heart and brain, I came to the following conclusion:

She never would have thought anything beyond her family. I don’t think she ever would have used her own mind for the decisions. She may be a highly educated girl but not a witty one. She will be agreed upon with every decision I’ll take but won’t tender her suggestions on the issues of sheer importance. She doesn’t have her own identity.

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I felt nice and dropped the idea of mailing her. My experience so far with the girls was simply frustrating. Now I filtered the photographs of B-class girls that Maa handed over to me. I shuffled the photographs again to pick my next target. A photograph of a cute girl attracted me. I took the snap in my hand.

Name: Parul   Designation: Gurgaon based Software consultant

(An Ultimate Marriage Proposal Part-3 Coming Soon) PART -1

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