US Regulators Warn Facebook And WhatsApp Against Privacy Policy Changes

US regulators warn social networking giant Facebook and mobile messenger service provider WhatsApp against any abrupt change in their respective privacy policies. The warning came after complaints made from several agencies who were concerned that post acquisition Facebook may update WhatsApp privacy policies.

In a letter written to both Facebook and WhatsApp, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reminded them their pledge not to change or alter any of the mentions made in the WhatsApp privacy policy and they will be followed as usual.

The FTC told Facebook and WhatsApp that despite the acquisition they will have to keep the promises made to the customers. The failure would be deemed as the violation of US laws. The FTC added that in case company wants to change privacy settings or willing to use customer data for any other purpose, permission from customers would be mandatory.

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Story: US Regulators Warn Facebook And WhatsApp

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