Google Announces Warning Against Irrelevant Mobile Redirects

In its latest webmaster blog, Google has made it clear they won’t tolerate sneaky or irrelevant mobile redirects and such websites would be punished manually. The search engine juggernaut has always been quick on penalizing such fraudulent redirects, but now they’ve officially announced it for their mobile platform also.

Irrelevant Mobile Redirects Might Lead To Penalty

In its blog post Google said that they’ve no issues if mobile images, content or menu items are optimized to get them accommodated on Smartphone screens. Google endorses these user-centric modifications unless they are meant to enhance user experience manifold. On a different note, if you’re sending your users to an irrelevant site, Google might punish you.

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Google Announces Warning Against Irrelevant Mobile Redirects
Google said the following a right way to go:

“Optimizing the smaller space of a smartphone screen can mean that some content, like images, will have to be modified. Or you might want to store your website’s menu in a navigation drawer (find documentation here) to make mobile browsing easier and more effective. When implemented properly, these user-centric modifications can be understood very well by Google.”

But following is deemed sneaky:

The situation is similar when it comes to mobile-only redirect. Redirecting mobile users to improve their mobile experience (like redirecting mobile users from to is often beneficial to them. But redirecting mobile users sneakily to a different content is bad for user experience and is against Google’s webmaster guidelines.

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Warning Against Irrelevant Mobile Redirects

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