WhatsApp Brings Picture-in-Picture Feature and Text Only Status Update

WhatsApp has brought two new features in its latest update for iOs and Android users. The first function dubbed as ‘Picture in Picture’ will allow users to communicate with other user via text messages while a video call in progress.

WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Feature and Text Only Status

The feature is pretty simple to use. To send a message while a video call, all you need to resize the video calling screen till a comfortable size.

Once you get both the screens in front of you, you can perform talk as well as send messages simultaneously.  After resizing the video call screen, it appears at one side of the mobile screen, while the background will be that of the chat box. You can drag video calling screen to any corner of the phone screen.

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Another noteworthy feature that the update brings is a ‘text status updates feature.’ The feature enables iOs and Android users to set text messages as their status like they did with pictures and videos. Till now, Android and iOs users were only able to set a video or a photo as a 30-second short status.

Users can also choose a robust and eye candy background color behind the text, similar to what we are currently seeing on Facebook.  Notably, like video and photo status updates, text status too will be expired after 24 hours.

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WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Feature

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