WhatsApp May Soon Introduce Mention And Group Invite Features


Ever since WhatsApp gained the top spot among the fellow messenger applications, it has been consistently trying to add more innovative features to make communication a real fun. After adding features like message quotes and replies, the Facebook owned messenger is set to introduce ‘mention’ and ‘group invitation links’. As name implies, mention would be useful as it enables user to mention particular individuals in a group, and group invitation link will allow adding someone to a group by sending him group invite links.


The new features were reported in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOs users. It will be used in group conversations where users want to get the attention of an individual among that many participants. The feature is similar to Facebook mention, and it will show the name of the people mentioned with a different colored text. Another group invite feature will enable a WhatsApp user to send group invite link for other users to join the group.

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The screenshot of the group invite feature reportedly reads:

“Anyone with WhatsApp can follow this link to join this group. Only share it with people you trust.”

whatsapp mention feature

Apart from the link to the group, the screenshot shows three options for copy link, share link, and revoke link. The feature may take some time before being available to all users worldwide. Another feature that was rumored to introduce to iOs users was gif image support. However, we have no solid inputs, neither iOs users have reported any such feature being rolled out.

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