WhatsApp To Launch Night Mode For Pictures Clicked At Low Light

WhatsApp, the #1 messaging app is bringing a new WhatsApp Night Mode Feature to its 1.2 users globally. The feature is being tested with select group of WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Night Mode Feature Being Tested

Don’t go by its name. This won’t be a feature that will toggle between black and white colors or will boost screen brightness for more visibility. This is something beyond this. The Night mode feature is not one where the UI is turned dark to reduce strain on the eyes during night. The feature appears to be an added capability to its camera feature that now offers enhanced photos even in low-light conditions.

WhatsApp Night Mode Feature

Symbolic Image

The WhatsApp Night Mode feature will enhance the quality of pictures taken in dim-light conditions. The feature will work with the camera UI to enhance the quality of photographs clicked.

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Reports suggest that when the feature will be rolled out over a couple of weeks of now, it could be added to the video calling feature in form of a button. It will ensure that while making a video call recipient and caller should see good quality pictures of each other.

The WhatsApp Night Mode Feature is expected to come for iOs users and then will make its way to the Android users. Stay tuned for more on this.

Genelia Timothi

Genelia Timothi

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Genelia Timothi