WhatsApp Rolling Out Video Streaming Feature For Android Beta

It seems WhatsApp is in frenzy of launching new features for its messaging app. After adding a host of new and innovative features, now the messaging app has been testing video streaming features for Android beta. The feature will enable users to watch videos while it’s being downloaded. Unlike earlier when user could watch the video only after it was fully downloaded.


As the test is going on for Android Beta, the new interface shows a play button instead of download button. With the new feature, users can now watch videos even if it isn’t downloaded completely. The feature saves time as now users won’t be required to download the video first to view it.

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Another advantage of the features is that users now can save enough storage space by first viewing the video and then decide whether to download it or not. As the update is under beta testing, users need to wait unless WhatsApp announces official rollout of the feature.

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