WhatsApp Text Status Feature Gets Colored Backgrounds, Custom Fonts

Seems WhatsApp is following the footprints of its parent company Facebook. Way back, Facebook adopted background colors for text status updates, now WhatsApp brings the similar feature for its Android and iOs users.

WhatsApp ‘Text Status’ Feature Updated

The feature enables users to use different background colors for text status updates that were previously rolled out by parent company Facebook.

WhatsApp Text Status Feature

WhatsApp in its official noting said that users of its WhatsApp Status feature can now use different background colors and customize fonts for their text-based status updates. Users can also include links in their text status updates. As stated, the feature went live on Monday for iPhone, Android and WhatsApp for web users.

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Ever since it was launched, the WhatsApp text feature helped users in many ways. The major advantage of the feature is that it enables WhatsApp users to let their friends know about the location of an event or give them vacation recommendations.  You can tweak privacy settings to limited the users who can see your text status update.

WhatsApp Text Status Feature

[WhatsApp ‘Text Status’ Feature Gets Fresh Update]

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