Youtube Starts Vertical Video Support for its Web App

Google owned YouTube starts allowing different aspect ratios on its web player and introduces YouTube vertical video support.

YouTube Vertical Video Support is Live Now

A report published in Android Police says that YouTube is finally removing 16:9 frames around every video and starts allowing larger and scale better videos to play in different window sizes.

When a video is played in 16:9, removal of black bar is not particularly visible. Instead, the descriptions have been pushed down, making the videos appear in full size. The YouTube vertical video support evidently appears while you play vertical videos. Instead of appearance of black bars, the video now scales to the size of the window in order to offer users a way to see more video and less of the black bars on the sides.

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The report reads that the YouTube vertical video support is now available to every user. However, the feature doesn’t necessarily compensate for most of the vertical music videos that have been hosted previously.

YouTube has offered a full-fledged guide in its help forum to let users learn the exact scaling methods in use and submit their feedback about the feature.

YouTube Vertical Video Support

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